BSU Women's Club


Bridges play a wonderful role in a community as a gateway and connector of different groups of people. The BSU Women's Club works much in the same way, bringing together women from all walks of life for the sake of friendship and support. Through our philanthropy, we support non-traditional students in their academic journey and often invite the larger community to participate in fundraising.

This year, the BSUWC theme shifts our attention toward the surrounding community of Muncie. We invite you to share your favorite community programs with us and discover some new opportunities to get involved!


The BSU Women's Club invites you to connect with a group of diverse, passionate women in Muncie, IN. Our membership includes all affiliates and friends of Ball State University. We welcome all those who seek a community of support and friendship in the Muncie area.

Dues Reminder

Join or renew your membership by September 15 to be included in our annual membership directory.

Upcoming Events

The BSU Women's Club hosts several social events throughout the academic year to catch up with old friends and welcome new faces.

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Interest Groups

There is so much more to the BSUWC! Our interest groups meet regularly and offer a wide range of activities—card games, culture sharing, wine tastings, and more!

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Whether you are new to the area or are simply looking to expand your circle of friends, we invite you to connect with a group of diverse, passionate women.

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Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students

Donate to the BSUWC Scholarship

Your donation helps us sponsor scholarships for Ball State University students who have returned to school after an extended absence of at least five years. Each year, we select at least three non-traditional students to receive this scholarship.

Please make checks payable to "BSU Foundation #30067" or visit, select Other, and enter #30067 as the fund.

Apply for the BSUWC Scholarship

Scholarship applications for the 2020-2021 academic year will be available early January through mid April. These scholarships are open to part-time and full-time students enrolled in a degree program at Ball State University.