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BSUWC Board Members 2022-2023


Club President

Sue Bonneau

765-730-8495 •

Vice President

Julie Holland

731-442-1405 •


Marilyn Davis

765-702-5970 •


Kelli Clark

859-779-3076 •

The longevity of the BSUWC depends on you! It is said that “the work is made lighter with the help of many hands”—Please contact our board at to learn about the many fun and simple ways to lend a hand at a future event or opportunities to assist with our long-term success.

Duties for each board position and committee can be found in Article VII and Article VIII of the Club Constitution and Bylaws.


Audit Committee Chair – Assist the Treasurer

Nancy Umbach

765-760-1777 •

Communications ChairCreate newsletter, update website and social media

Victoria Meldrum

260-224-5745 •

Courtesy ChairSend notes of congratulations or condolences as occassion requires

Sue Taylor

765-286-7415 •

Hospitality Chair Recruit and welcome new members to the Club

Julie Holland

731-442-1405 •

Nancy Umbach

765-760-1777 •

Interest Groups Chair – Point of contact for interest group leaders

Kim Caristi

765-729-0396 •

Membership Chair – Update directory and

Ann Winans

765-215-5202 •

Scholarship Committee Chair

Gloria Pavlik

317-412-5245 •

At-Large Board Members*

Marilyn Chalupa

765-717-0308 •

Amanda Kavars

* At-large board members have no assigned duties, but lend their help and suggestions for club activities and operations.